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Roth rocks! Our Newton partner relay team "Die Wemser" delivered a great performance at the DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep 2022 - and filled up on positive TRI vibes. Read more about the triathlon adventure of the "Wemser" in the blog!

Much sun, no run?

Don’t let the sun ruin your run! You can run in the heat if you follow a few simple rules. Things like breathable running outfits, sunscreen and the obligatory "don't run in the midday heat" go without saying. We have even more tips for you, so that your run will be really cool even beyond the 28-degree mark!
550 kilometres, 13 stages between 30-55 kilometres, two goals: the North Sea island of Amrum and a well-filled donation box for the work of Mukoviszidose e.V.... that describes the Challenge, which Roman Schultes titled #roadtoamrum and mastered in May 2021, in numbers. In the interview, Roman gives us a fresh insight into the challenge, and discusses each stage from the starting point in Langenfeld/NRW to the finish in Amrum. Roman discusses planning, his motivation, the pain he faced, the stages he has to conquer and also about the fact that no runner is an island, even if the finish is!
With the new running shoe collection for spring 2021, Newton has run the extra mile in terms of sustainability.The new P.O.P.1 models Gravity 10, Motion 10, Distance 10 and Distance S 10 have been crafted entirely from recycled or biodegradable materials – and that without loss in performance. Sounds good?Then find out more about the eco-friendly Newtons!

When are running shoes vegan?

"Vegan running shoes? If they are free of leather, then all running shoes are vegan!” This is a sentence that is quite commonly used when talking about vegan running shoes with friends. And yes, for the layman, most running shoes are not made of animal products like leather or animal wool, but of synthetic rubber materials, synthetic fibres and foams. But as often, you have to take a closer look at to realize that not everything that appears vegan is vegan.
"Running is not just a sport, running is a lifestyle," states elite athlete Eline Dalemans. The belgian champion is our exclusive Newton Running shoe partner for 2021.

In our interview, Eline tells you more about her training, her motivation and how she manages her life as mother, caregiver and professional runner. And exclusively for you, she has a lot of running tips for beginners, returnees and for runners, who want to become faster!
Laura Tingle, Product Manager at Newton Running talks about Newton's philosophy and technology and gives a first hint what Newton fans can look forward to in the near future.

Why Newton

The idea of cause and effect sounds reasonable but sometimes it’s nearly impossible for us to identify the cause of a problem we face.
Having good stability is a critical requirement for all runners. Each time your body moves over your foot (called mid-stance in the gait cycle) you are loading two to three times your body weight on your foot and a little less at each successive body part up the bio-mechanical chain – ankle, shin, knee, thigh, hip, etc.
No one has perfect running form but everyone can improve their running mechanics. Doing so can make you a more efficient runner, which means you’ll use less energy in every stride and boost your running economy (the ability to process oxygen efficiently while running). Ultimately, improved form can make you faster and less prone to overuse injuries.
The beauty of endurance running is that for the most part you can virtually run anywhere in the world, in any weather. As runners we typically correlate our training periods to the seasons: winter is base, spring is speed with 5k’s and 10ks, summer brings half marathon’s and we end our season in the fall a.k.a. marathon and cross-country season. Now that the 2017 winter is upon us, here are some tips from a “seasoned” (pun intended) pro on how to get the most out of your winter training.
A conversation with Harvey Lewis, Ultra Running National Champion, Vegan, Newtonite.
And Justin Cogley, Executive Chef, Former Professional Figure Skater, Current Ultrarunner, Newtonite