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Shoes for a sustainable footprint

Shoes for a sustainable footprint

With the new running shoe collection for spring 2021, Newton has run the extra mile in terms of sustainability.The new P.O.P.1 models Gravity 10, Motion 10, Distance 10 and Distance S 10 have been crafted entirely from recycled or biodegradable materials – and that without loss in performance. Sounds good?Then find out more about the eco-friendly Newtons!

Running sustainably with Newton

The increasing number of global movements such as “Break Free From Plastic” and initiatives for a “Zero Waste” policy show how urgently the issue of waste, especially plastic waste must be addressed. According to estimates made by WWF, 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year - that's roughly one truck load per minute. The only solution can be to produce less plastic and other polluting waste and to recycle more. Sustainability is urgently needed!

As socially conscious and environmentally friendly runners, it is important to us to offer you shoes that are ecologically more sustainable. Therefore we are proud to present you our new Gravity 10, Motion 10 Distance 10 and Distance S 10 for the Spring/Summer 2021 season, because with the latest update of these Newton Running P.O.P 1 models you do not only get fresh colourways, but also shoes with completely re-engineered and eco friendly materials.

Four bottles full of perfect running performance!

The new P.O.P. 1 Newton models are made from recycled materials. From the laces, to the mesh, we took plastic bottles out of landfills, and repurposed them into our shoes. Each pair of Newton Running shoes uses 4 bottles worth of recycled plastic.

These sustainable materials are high quality, environmentally friendly and durable. So you don't have to worry that our recycled running shoes will only withstand your pace and amount of training for a short time. That would not be very effective, because apart from the material, sustainable running shoes are only sustainable if you can wear them for a long time! If they end up as waste after a short period of time they are not eco-friendly, are they?!

Newton running shoes: Sustainable and fast until the end!

Speaking about ending up as waste: We have reformulated our materials with EcoPure® to allow Newton Running shoes to biodegrade at a more rapid rate. EcoPure® accelerates the time the shoe needs to biodegrade from an average of 40 years to an average of 10 years. It attracts naturally occurring microbes to break down your shoes, turning them into a nontoxic biomass and biogas. The biogas is used to create clean energy and biomass turns into non-toxic dirt

If you also think and act sustainably, you can now also run sustainably – best running performance and lots of running fun included!

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