Warum Newton einzigartig ist!

Es ist die Kausalität, die wir Menschen häufig nicht verstehen oder manchmal auch einfach nicht verstehen wollen. Denn es ist ja so schön, wenn es einfach ist. :) Nehmen wir ein Beispiel aus der Medizin: Die Erkältung.


Das Erste, was die Meisten von uns tun, ist der Griff in den Medizinschrank. Schmerzmittel, Hustenstiller, was man gerade so findet. Logisch, es hilft uns schließlich dabei, dass wir uns schnell bessser fühlen(es uns schnell bessergeht). Wir haben also vorbildlich die Symptome bekämpft. Was aber ist mit der Ursache?
Having good stability is a critical requirement for all runners. Each time your body moves over your foot (called mid-stance in the gait cycle) you are loading two to three times your body weight on your foot and a little less at each successive body part up the bio-mechanical chain – ankle, shin, knee, thigh, hip, etc.
No one has perfect running form but everyone can improve their running mechanics. Doing so can make you a more efficient runner, which means you’ll use less energy in every stride and boost your running economy (the ability to process oxygen efficiently while running). Ultimately, improved form can make you faster and less prone to overuse injuries.
The beauty of endurance running is that for the most part you can virtually run anywhere in the world, in any weather. As runners we typically correlate our training periods to the seasons: winter is base, spring is speed with 5k’s and 10ks, summer brings half marathon’s and we end our season in the fall a.k.a. marathon and cross-country season. Now that the 2017 winter is upon us, here are some tips from a “seasoned” (pun intended) pro on how to get the most out of your winter training.
A conversation with Harvey Lewis, Ultra Running National Champion, Vegan, Newtonite.
And Justin Cogley, Executive Chef, Former Professional Figure Skater, Current Ultrarunner, Newtonite